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ComSmart is a data activation platform that lets marketers, agencies and publishers harness audience data to make smarter marketing, product and business decisions. Through our platform, clients can learn more about their most valuable customers, find prospects that look and act exactly like them, and then execute ad campaigns and content strategies that target them across any digital device.

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What is a data management platform?

Data now informs almost all aspects of digital media, and data management platforms have emerged to help marketers, publishers and other businesses make sense of it all. Here’s a primer — in as plain English as possible — on what DMPs are, and what they actually do:


What is a data management platform ? In simple terms, a data management platform is a data warehouse. It’s a piece of software that sucks up, sorts and houses information, and spits it out in a way that’s useful for marketers, publishers and other businesses.

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ComData - Data HUB 数据中心



With ComData, you'll gain access to ComSmart's big data platform, an always-on and real-time pipeline of raw behavioral data that can support even the most complex and demanding applications within your business.



ComData contains first-party data, third-party data supplied by our data partners, ComSmart’s Data Exchange, and more to supply you and your business with a deeper, more powerful understanding of your most sought-after consumers.

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